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What is Photography?

The word photography can be broken down into two ancient Greek words where ‘photo’ implies ‘light’ and ‘graph’ implies ‘drawing’. Therefore, the word ‘photograph’ means ‘drawing with light’. Photographs are the visual records that are created by the impressions of photography on different light-sensitive surfaces. The camera is the device that is used to take photographs. During the earlier days, photographs were known as sun pictures as the sunlight was used to create the image.

Over time, photography has developed into great art and it can be seen as a new way of communication and expression. People, nowadays, take photographs to capture and store personal events like vacations, weddings, birthdays, etc. These days there is also a facility to join School of Photography where you can easily learn all genres of photography from basic to advanced ones.

Photographs are generally used by newspapers, magazines, books, and television to communicate information and in order to promote products and services.

History of Photography
Photography has its existence over decades but it has evolved to a great extent. Talking about the introduction of photography, it was invented back in the nineteenth century. From that time, the art of photography has improved slowly but definitely. It was in 1694, when Wilhelm Homberg, made the observation that exposure to light makes certain chemicals dark in color. This was noted as the first step towards the evolution of photography.

Earlier, there was a device called Camera Obscura that was used to produce a non-permanent, but the very accurate image of an object on a wall or a piece of paper. The image produced was upside down but later on, people were able to create a straight image using mirrors. But Camera Obscura was not able to create a long-lasting image that is now known as ‘Photograph’.

The first permanent photograph was created by Joseph-Nicephore Niepce in 1826. This is why he is known as the Father of Photography. He created the first permanent photograph using the Camera Obscura technique and it was known as ‘View from the Window at Le Gras’.

Creating the first photograph
The first photograph was created in 1822 by Niepce on a photographic plate but that was soon destroyed by him while he was trying to make prints of it. The technique Niepce used is now known as lithography. He used a Camera Obscura and produced the image on a photographic plate. He kept the camera and plate in the same position for several hours. After long hours of exposure, some areas of the plate got darker. This was how the first photograph was created.

However, Niepce technique was not that efficient as it took at least eight hours to create an image. So, he worked with Louis Daguerre to reduce the amount of time. Daguerre started working alone after Niepce’s death and in 1837 he was able to reduce the time required to create a new photo by a few minutes. The new photography technique was known as ‘daguerreotype’ and the oldest photograph using this technique was created by Louis Daguerre in 1837.

It took some time to bring color photography into reality. If we talk about the present situation, there are a number of Professional Photography Courses available which you can join to learn the art of photography.
Photography is an innovative way of making art that can only be learned over time. If you will join a professional course for photography, you will get the opportunity to learn this art in the real sense and this way you will be able to clear the concepts easily.

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